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Upcoming Events:

Summer Jumper Nights (May through June)


  • Offered every Friday evening 4:30-8:00 pm, May through June. 
  • "Open Arena" with full course in the outdoor. Come trailer in and school the jumper course for only $25/horse. 
  • Heights: A) 4:30 - cross-rails, B) 5:00 - 18", C) 5:30 - 2', D) 6:00 - 2'6", E) 6:30 - 3', F) 7:00 - 3'6"
  • Great opportunity to school off-site in a low-key and friendly enviroment!

Winter Seminar Series (March 3rd, March 23rd, April 13th)


A fantastic learning opportunity to learn about some of the newest methods in equine complimentary medicine, management, and health. Each Seminar Day includes two lectures and lunch for only $75.00 per person!! Registration closes the Friday prior to the event. 

(3/2) Equine Cognition and Equine Safety Management: 

(3/23) Equine Acupuncture and Equine Stem Cell Therapy 

(4/13) Alexander Work and Equine EEGs

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