Meet The PREC Horses



Meet Fiona: Fiona was a southern girl, born in Florida. She began her career as an Eventer, and has now found herself enjoying life as a versatile mare. 

Dressage is her natural talent, though her favorite thing to do is bareback around with her owner. Fiona still enjoys jumping too.  

Fiona is owned by Kristen & family.

BLu & Dexter


Meet Dexter & Blu:  Dexter and his Shetland Pony brother Blu were originally acquired to entertain kids and families at birthday parties, but have now found themselves just enjoying life as Fiona's companions. 

They love to run around their 2 acre field playing with each other, and getting plenty of exercise. Their owner says they've never looked so good, no big belly ponies here!

Dexter & Blu are owned by Kristen, Josh, CJ & James.



 Meet Mocha:

23 year old Bay TB Mare. The all over package. Excels in Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, Gymkhana and Cow Sorting. Believes she was born into this world to be spoiled rotten. Loves to show off in the show ring or hang at home lounging in her paddock.  

Mocha is a happy PREC Boarder, 

owned by Aly S.



 Meet Love:

Love "AT FIRST SIGHT"  is a 12 year old bay OTTB mare. Excels in Hunters, Jumpers, anything that involves jumping. Although she was born a racer, she would prefer to go as slow as possible. She is HUGE diva and believes she was born a princess, however loves to cuddle and get snuggles when her tiara is off! 

Love is a happy PREC Boarder, 

owned by Hailey W.



Meet Annie:

Annie is a 9 year old OTTB Bay Mare, known on the track as "Mean Maxine." Annie is one of our kill pen saves from 2018 and has established herself as "👑Queen Anne" around the farm. She was a winner on the track, then a polo pony for years and now enjoys lazy rides and an occasional track run in her third and final career.

Annie is a happy PREC Boarder, 

owned by Joanna S.



Meet Scooter (on the left):

Scooter, AKA Untochable de Classico, is a 27 year young Paso Fino gelding. He has been with his current owner for 19 years. For him it has always been about family. He helped his mom teach her husband and all their children to ride. Ask him and he’d say his family wouldn’t know what to do without him, and he’d be right. He’d also tell you he is their favorite, even though his family loves all of their horses. He’s pretty sweet on himself.  He was retired for a few years when his family’s youngest child was born, but he is well behaved again because of the wonderful training program at PREC.   

Scooter is a happy PREC Boarder owned by Ruth, Tony and Serenity C.



Meet Clover:

Clover is an aged rescue Spotted saddle gelding who joined his family as a companion horse. He was ridden only a handful of times by his family before they brought him to PREC. He was always a peach on the ground, but sadly, he had forgotten his in-saddle manners.    Thanks to the training program at PREC he can be ridden by any member of the family, from youngest to oldest. He loves hugs and treats, and enjoys being a unicorn now and then.  

Clover is a happy PREC Boarder owned by Ruth, Tony and Serenity C. 

RIP Clover, 8/2019.



Meet Sara:

Sara is a quarter horse/Belgian mare, approximately 10 years of age. She is a rescue from a kill pen in Utah. Her history is unknown, but her future is bright. She already has flying lead changes and the love of her new family. She was skittish at first, but thanks to the training program at PREC she is now happily carting their 9 year old daughter around and has dreams of booting Scooter out of his spot as favorite family horse. She’s giving him a run for his money with her good manners and patience with her whole laughter-loving family.   

Sara is a happy PREC Boarder owned by Ruth, Tony and Serenity C.



Meet Betty:

Betty, aka "Betty Boop," is a 3 year old Miniature Horse who may only be 34" tall, but  has a personality larger than life. She was a slaughter-pipeline rescue in 2018 and is now living the dream as a Registered Therapy Horse who visits nursing homes and schools. Boop loves her stuffed animals and getting her withers scratched. You can follow her journey on Facebook @BettyTheBitty.

Betty is a happy PREC Boarder,

owned by Joanna S.



Meet Tater: 

Tater is 23 year old 13.3 red roan gelding who will give you his absolute everything as long as he knows you’re there to help him along, or that you have lots of treats. He enjoys going out into the grand prix field, playing a speed demon in the jumper ring, going around like a perfect little western pleasure pony, or just hacking around bareback and getting love.

Tater is a beloved PREC horse 

who is adored by many.



Meet Lucy:

🌺" Honolulu," known as Lucy around the farm is a 13-year-old bay TB mare.  She wasn't a very successful racehorse on the track, but is enjoying her new career as an Eventer.  Although she'll jump whatever you throw in front of her, Lucy really excels in dressage.  She enjoys the DQ lifestyle and dressing up in her "fancy clothes." When she's not working, she enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend Slammy and eating as much as possible.

Lucy is a happy PREC Boarder, 

owned by Kali L.